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Board Profile Process Overview

Define Your Personal Objectives:  
Discussion on what is the best target (or targets) based on your experience, accomplishments and personal interests.  Will Board work complement your current executive position? Will it be part of a "portfolio career"?  What are your targeted boards?

  • Public Company Boards (small to large cap, family owned, foreign based?)
  • Private Company Boards
  • Non-Profit Organization Boards
  • Industry Association Boards
Define Your Unique Value Proposition:
Consultations to help fully develop your primary strategic assets/core competencies.
  1. What are the specific assets needed by Boards in your defined sector(s)?
  2. What are your assets and accomplishments that match up with what these Boards are seeking?  (Note: This is a carefully selected limited number vs. a laundry list…typically five.)


  • Prior Board Experience
  • Strategy/Policy Leadership Positions
  • M&A Experience/IPO
  • Succession Planning
  • JV’s/Alliances/Partnerships
  • Compensation Strategy
  • High Level Personal Network
  • Global Market Intelligence
  • Functional/Industry Expertise
  • Financial Management
  • Wall Street Connections
  • Risk Management
  • Prepare Board Profile Document:
    Market-tested, unique 2-Page document containing your customized Executive Biography and a Board-specific strategic asset review that supports your value proposition (to be used in place of a standard résumé).

    Search Strategy:
    Assist with developing an effective strategy to be successful in gaining exposure and securing Board invitations.  (Note: The extent of our involvement with required research is determined on a case-by-case basis).

    • Best practices/establish plan to leverage your current personal network and how expand it
    • Market segmentation research to develop specific list of target companies based on your established criteria
    • Research portfolios on your primary targeted companies to include:
      • Industry Trends, competitive assessment, etc.
      • Company Overview
      • Recent Articles (e.g., Google, Lexus Nexus search, Business Periodicals, etc.)
      • Company Financials
      • Analyst Reports
      • Identify Board members at target companies and their executive profiles
      • Company Reputation/Culture (as available)
    • LinkedIn cross check analysis to identify your potential connections to target companies
    • Retained search firm strategy (using our updated recruiter database)

    Recent Board Profile Clients:

    President, $4 Billion Division Fortune 200 / Entertainment Sector
    President Major Television Network
    EVP/CFO Fortune 150 Insurance
    VP Internal Audit $24B / Pharma
    Partner Big 4 Consulting
    CFO $3B Division / Fortune 50 Pharma
    President $9B Division / Consumer Products
    Corporate SVP Fortune 50 Pharma
    COO $17B / Energy Sector
    President, Chairman of the Board Alternative Energy Sector
    Chairman / CEO $20B Division / Consumer Products
    Partner Big 4 Consulting
    VP Corporate Communications $24B / Pharma
    Managing Director Capital Markets Fortune 150 / Financial Services
    GC/Corporate Secretary $24B / Pharma
    President, North America $7B Division / Business Technology & Services
    President $10B Division / Entertainment Sector
    President, Latin America $1B+ Division / Pharma
    SVP & CEO Pharma
    CEO $5B/Energy Sector
    SVP $21B/Pharma
    Partner Big 4 Consulting
    SVP, HR $24B / Pharma
    Partner Big 4 Consulting
    Vice Chairman / CEO $2B / Transportation Sector
    Company Group Chairman $5B Division / Consumer Healthcare

    “I invite you to contact me for a confidential, complimentary phone consultation”.
    - John Kellogg


    A Few Recommended Resources

    National Association of Corporate Directors
    The public company director's source for corporate governance education
    PwC Center For Board Governance
    Deloitte / Strategically transforming financial governance
    Spencer Stuart US Board Index - 2016
    A compilation of topical, leadership focused articles written in the Harvard Bus Rev, Forbes, WSJ, The Economist, Blogs, etc. “Business Visionaries”... interesting topics by thought leaders.

    “I invite you to contact me for a confidential,
    complimentary phone consultation”.

    John Kellogg

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