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#1 Defining Your Career Objective

Knowing where you want to go plays a critical role in how you position yourself to that target. Some potential options to consider include…

  • Corporate Roles:  Similar to your past positions, or making a functional or industry change
  • Equity Roles:  Private Equity channel, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship
  • Non-Traditional Roles:  Consulting, Interim Management, Academia, Non-Profit Sector
  • Board Positions:  Paid board memberships

#2 Defining Your Assets

  • Take inventory of your experiences/skill set important to your target…and back it up with specific, quantified accomplishments.

#3 Creating Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Based on your prioritized assets, create a compelling, concise positioning statement that defines the unique value you will bring to your target audience. It’s not about what you want…it’s all about what your target companies need.

#4 Producing Your Documents

  • Prepare distinctive, professional Résumés, Executive Bios, Board Profiles and other marketing documents that are market-tested and will make you feel proud to present.

#5 Reviewing Your Search Strategy (Add-On Option)

  • Menu-driven coaching sessions to guide you through the search process in today’s market: What works…what doesn’t…how to build relationships with executive recruiters…direct marketing campaigns to target companies…networking strategy…efficient time allocation…smart use of the Internet…approaching the Private Equity/VC channels…securing Interim Management positions…the importance of research…etc.


Services Offered

Market-tested Résumés that impact recruiters & hiring managers.
Executive Bio's to be used as an effective tool to introduce yourself to networking contacts and for other opportunities when your résumé is not appropriate.
Strategic Board Profiles for those seeking Board positions.
Compelling Cover Letters, Innovative PowerPoints, LinkedIn Profiles and other documents that focus on presenting the strategic value you will bring to your target.
High-level Search Strategy Coaching to help you navigate efficiently in today’s market.

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